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1200/Kg (+- 20% Depending on Quality of Raw Material)




Flash Air Dryer


1200/Kg (+- 20% Depending on Quality of Raw Material)

Drying Capacity:

20% (In one cycle)

Input Moisture:

35% (Maximum)

Outlet Moisture:


Power Requirement:

23.5 HP

  • Flash Dryer is used for suspension drying of powdery, ground or granulated material such as saw dust, coir pith and baggasse pith which are usually materials with moisture content of 35% or less. In our Flash Dryers maximum 20 %  of moisture is dried in one cycle.

In our Briquette Dryer, you should first of all feed particle material having moisture content & with the size of 0 to 25 mm in the conveyor. From conveyor, the waste is passed in the Vanes where Hot Air is sucked from Hot Air Kiln. This hot air is having temperature of around 300 °C & it is sucked with blower. When the material is contacted with hot air then the moisture is absorbed in the air. The material circulates in the Vanes for around 1 minute with hot air & dried in the Vanes. The output material after drying comes out from Rotary Air Lock which is connected in the bottom of the cyclone. The hot air after absorbing the moisture is sucked by the Blower & it is discharged in the atmosphere. Thus we get final dried material at the bottom of the Rotary Air Lock.


  • We offer our esteemed clients the best Dryer machine which is known as Flash Air Dryer which is designed specially by our technical team for Briquetting Machines.
  • It is used for drying of chopped material such as Saw Dust and Baggasse. Normally Briquetting Dryers can dry only raw materials in powder form. If you have raw material such as Rice Straw, Wheat Straw, Jute, Coir Pith and Mustard then first you need to chop it or cut it and then only you can use it in the Dryer Process but the maximum moisture content level 30-35% can be accepted in one process.
  • If the raw material contains 30-35 % moisture, then dryer can reduce up to 20 % of moisture in one cycle, so one will get raw material with only 10-15 % moisture in it. This outlet raw material can be used to make Briquettes directly.
  • The working capacity of Flash Air Dryer for sale is 1200 kg/hr (± 20 % depends upon the raw material & its density).

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