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Manufacturer of Biomass Briquetting Press. Agro Briquette Plant

Briquetting press model


Capacity 1500 kg/hr., Grinder Less Technology (Without any binding agent)

Production Capacity:

1500 Kg/Hr ± 20 % (Depending on Raw Material Size & Quality)

Power Requirement:

91 HP

Raw Material Form:

Upto 25 mm can be used directly. (Grinding not required)

Moisture content:

10 & 12% Maximum (If higher than this, it would require to dry it.)

Processing Cost:

Indian Rs.530/- ±10%

  • The model Jumbo-90 was launched by Radhe for the first time in India in 1997. Jumbo-90 Briquette Machine is the top model offered by us. Jumbo 90 is made with superior quality parts and its unique design ensures best in-class performance with lowest operating cost and very less maintenance for years. Unique mechanical design of Whole Body, Die Holder & Cuppy puts the Jumbo-90 as the most energy efficient one in its line with minimum operating cost that makes Jumbo 90 price worth. Highly sophisticated engineering and State of the art manufacturing process results in the world class quality and consistency.

    SALIENT FEATURES OF "JUMBO 90 Briquetting Press":

  • Raw Materials like Baggasse, ground nut shells, castor seed shells, saw dust, wheat grass, rice husk (paddy husk), Mustered Shells, Jira Straw are not required to be grinded. Such raw materials can be used directly in the machine.
  • Raw materials Up to 25mm size can be used without Grinding
  • Easiest maintenance & operating system.
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Maximum Production Capacity
  • Compared to other models Power cost is lower
  • Heavy body and superior quality parts.
  • Since the mentioned raw materials do not required grinding, there is no need of "SIZEING UP" (Grinding) which helps to save power & labour expenses
  • Two super - 70 machines require 98 H.P. and can produce 1500 Kg/Hr while one "Jumbo 90 " can produce 1500 Kg/Hr with the power requirements of 91 H.P. so Jumbo 90 is best suitable at the places where raw material availability is high as its production rate is higher and power cost is lower.
  • • This way production cost is reduced by 35-40 % and operation efficiency is increased as compared to that of two super 70 machines. So Jumbo-90 is best suitable at the places where production rate is high whereas Super-70 is best suitable at the places where production rate is medium or low.

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